What’s most important for an artist?

Most people consider lawn design to be just a decorative kind of art. But let me disagree, we put just as much thought and effort into our work as artists using paints and brushes. Actually, I even used to paint myself as a teenager. Without it, I wouldn’t have probably become what I am now. Anyway, it didn’t go any further than school painting classes. Still, once in a while I produce my old watercolors and set my hand free…   I believe that inspiration is the most important thing for every artist. No matter what level of skill you possess, it all means nothing if you are not in the right mood for painting. Being able to project your inner state onto a paper or canvas, to fill a blank sheet with your secret emotions and convey them to the viewer is what makes a good artist.

A man painting from his heart

When I choose wall décor for my own apartment, I always pay attention to the atmosphere of the painting. The way it is painted, the palette, the composition and other technical aspects are a lot less significant to me. Luckily, there are artists whose works are both highly skillful and incredibly emotional. One of them is Leonid Afremov, a Jewish impressionist selling his pictures directly over the internet. His online gallery will impress you with a wide choice of large oil paintings like here that can be purchased right on his site.

 Just take a look at this amazing rainy cityscape:

  • Colorful city lights and vibrant reflections echo each other creating a harmony of the night street.
  • There are bright sparkles dancing in the air. They fill the entire background.
  • The street is empty. There is not a soul around, only a lonely trolley making its way along the same route.
  • Quick dabs of paint applied next to each other create a strange, surreal impression as if it all was just one of your dreams.
  • The entire composition is highly emotional and romantic. Once you lay your eyes on the canvas, you want to find yourself in that rainy street and catch that late trolley to take a long, cozy ride home…

I’m totally charmed by Mr. Afremov’s cityscapes. His collection of large oil paintings for sale will definitely satisfy even the most exquisite taste and become a great decoration for any apartment!